Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walking through the Book of Ecclesiastes

I was reading the blog Seasonings of the Heart July 6th, 2007; Rosemary writes a quote from Spurgeon:

No human mind can adequately estimate the infinite value of the divine sacrifice, for although the sin of God’s people is great, the atonement that takes it away is immeasurably greater. Therefore, even when sin rolls in like a flood, and the remembrance of the past is bitter, the believer can still stand before the blazing throne of the great and holy God and cry, “Who is to condemn: Christ Jesus is the one who died–more than that, who was raised.” While the recollection of the believers sin fills him with shame and sorrow, its very darkness serves to show the brightness of mercy; guilt is the dark night in which the fair star of divine love shines with serene splendor. –Charles H. Spurgeon

We are going through the book of Ecclesiastes in Sunday School. This is my first time going through this book as a study; I am very excited. As we read through the book, there is a tendecy to think that it if rather depressing. Please don't. Here these words: its very darkness serves to show the brightness of mercy...This made me think about our study. The very darkness that this book contains serves to show us " the brightness of Gods mercy." The truth is we need to see this mans journey through darkness. Every doubt, every frustration was a step ordained by God to lead this man. Our lives are no different. Every step through darkness allows us to see the brightness of God's mercy over our lives. It may not be easy and most times it's not, but we have a father in heaven who knows what we need and what is best for us. We trust our journey to him.

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