Thursday, March 8, 2007

Welcome and Introduction

This is my first post on His Household. I started it to have a place to write my thoughts and experiences; to look back at them and see what or if I've learned anything from them. Maybe even to share a few things with friends and family. I am the wife of a wonderful man who loves me more then I could even imagine. He loves me as Christ loves the church and he strives to take care of his family as a man of God. I am the mother of two wonderful children; a 17 year old son who will be on his way to College in August and a 2 year old daughter who keeps me busy from morning till night.

My family and I belong to an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania that we love and thank the Lord for directing us to. After living in Pennsylvania for serveral years I recently met a wonderful group of moms who I can truly call friends and my daughter has a group of girls that she calls sisters.

I plan to share my thoughts, scripture, wisdom from men and women of God who we can learn from, my family experiences and maybe even a picture now and again. This is where I'll start, as I change and grow I expect this BLOG to do the same.

Thank you for joining me; comments are welcome and I'll see you again soon.