Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Our Children See...

I've been meaning to do this but never got around to it. I see on Crystals Blog that it was Anti-procrastination week, so when it came to my mind again to type this, I sat right down and did it. Thanks Crystal.

My husband and I are living in a very expensive part of New Jersey, right now we are renting. Our plan was to rent here for possibly 2 years and pay off some old debt so that we could then pursue buying a home. Not to long ago my husband came home and told me that our landlord is not renewing our lease because he decided to sell the house. OK, well that sure changed our plans. We have a son in college, we need to pay off some debt before we even begin to look for a mortgage and now we only have until the end of August to do it.

If you knew my husband you would know that when things like this occur, he moves into action. He needs to solve this problem and solve it now. Consequently, the expression on his face was rather strained for several weeks. My 3 year old daughter was drawing a picture of me and her daddy one night. Though we both had no arms or hair our faces were very different. I have a big smile on my face while my husband looked a bit stressed. We asked her why daddy wasn't smiling like me, she responded, " I drew mommy with a smile face and daddy with a worried face. Daddy always has a worried face."

Needless to say my wonderful husband purposed in his heart to make sure that his daughter would not have to "worry about daddy". It was a gracious gift from God and an opportunity for Him to show me and my husband how our response to adversity affects our children. WOW!!!

God has graciously blessed us with a house we can afford and we are very thankful. As difficult as it is to find an affordable home in New Jersey, because the taxes are so high, our loving Father has provided for us by his grace and mercy. Thank you Lord.


Adzele K. Jones said...

That is a nice post...Praise God indeed all things are possible through him and him alone..

Jacqueline said...

hey, how are you guys?

I bet if my son were to draw a pic, I mught be the worried one here recently!:)

Glad your posting more, it's good to stay connected!
blessings, j